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SUP Instructor Training Course

Become a certified SUP Instructor!

Board Rental Board rental for the entire training

SUP Instructor Training Course

The FloYo SUP instructor training course has been designed to educate instructors on how to teach safe and efficient standup paddle lessons, tours and group paddles in an enclosed flat-water setting. This comprehensive one-day course will be led by Jessie Benson, founder of FloYo Fitness and former master trainer for WPA and ASI. The curriculum has been carefully created to give participants the knowledge they need to teach introductory SUP lessons.

The course is designed to help participants:

  • Teach proper paddle skills
  • Correct paddle technique
  • Evaluate and assess students paddling ability
  • Practice teaching relevant SUP safety information
  • Develop knowledge and skills in performing simple SUP rescues

If you are interested in getting certified to lead Stand Up Paddle lessons & tours then this course is for you!

The course covers the following topics:

  • Board and equipment- how to select the right equipment for students
  • Identify risks and dangers that affect students
  • Injury prevention and emergency response procedures
  • Create risk management strategies
  • Incident reporting
  • Apply SUP rescue techniques (including towing methods and SUP board rescues)
  • Develop lesson plans and instruct a variety of flat water paddle techniques
  • Identify how to manage large groups of students on the water
  • Water safety information including boating laws and legal requirements

In order to gain your qualification, all participants will need to:

  • Send in a copy of their CPR/First Aid certificate (must attend a class instructed by an American Heart Association or American Red Cross certified instructor)
  • Submit proof of liability insurance coverage
  • Complete the one-day training including the final evaluation
  • Demonstrate ability to lead a SUP lesson to a group of students
  • Demonstrate competency in performing SUP rescues
  • Demonstrate correct paddle technique in paddle assessment video
  • Complete timed one-mile paddle in under 15 minutes

After successful completion of this course (and after completing all the above additional requirements) you will be awarded:
SUP Instructor Certificate of Attainment from FloYo
(valid for 2 years from the date of completion)

Cost of Training:

  • $250

About Your Trainer:

Jessie Benson has been a qualified SUP instructor for over 10 years. She has completed many instructor training courses and was former Master Training for the World Paddle Association and a lead trainer for the Academy of Surfing Instructors. Jessie launched the FloYo SUP Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2012 and has now created a one-day general SUP Safety instructor course for individuals who want to teach general SUP lessons and tours. Jessie leads SUP certifications around the world and also owns B’More SUP in Baltimore, MD.