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Race Ready Training Team

Quick Details

9 Week Program
9 Week Program BYOB
Drop-In Training Session
Half Session
Half Session (BYOB)


It’s time to train! Our Summer Race Training Program begins June 17, 2021. Our aim is to cultivate a welcoming environment for you to take your paddling to the next level. We have created this focused training program to help experienced paddlers reach your training goals. It doesn’t matter what your goal is or how experienced of a SUP racer you are- we just ask that you come with a specific goal in mind and we will do our best to help you achieve it over our 9-week program.

*Summer Training Begins June 17*

Registration Details: Your registration includes 17 coaching sessions over the course of 9 weeks (June 17- August 15, 2021). A half session means that you can attend 9 training sessions.

Training Times: Beginning June 17th, we will meet every Thursday at 6pm and Sunday at 8am at our new location at Sparrow’s Point Country Club. Thursday’s sessions will be skill-based teaching/learning and Sundays we will be incorporating those skills into distance and interval training.

Other notes: We will not have practice on July 4th. We will have 2 guest coaches throughout the program and at least one field trip (to our Sue Creek location, where the July 17th SUP Cup will be held!). Our training program will end with a fun paddle & pot-luck brunch on August 15th.

Training Program Cost:

  • 9-week program: $350 (includes equipment usage for all training sessions)
  • 9-week program, BYOB: $285 (bring your own board, paddle, PFD, etc.)
  • Half-session: $185 (includes equipment usage for up to 9 training sessions over the course of 9 weeks)*
  • Half-session, BYOB: $155 (bring your own board, paddle, PFD, etc. for 9 training sessions)*
  • Drop-In Training Session: $30
    *For the half sessions, please notify us after registration if you plan to attend the Thursday sessions or the Sunday sessions (you can also switch this up and simply keep track of how many sessions you are attending).

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