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Paddling Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Our Inner Harbor SUP location is OPEN!

Baltimore Inner Harbor Padleboarding

Baltimore is home. My city. My playground. One of my favorite places.

Ever since I started stand up paddle boarding 11 years ago I dreamed of opening the very first SUP location on the Inner Harbor. Well, a few weeks ago that dream came true. B’More SUP is “Baltimore’s Place To Paddle” and we now have a permanent location on the most iconic waterway in Baltimore- the Inner Harbor.

Long before opening this location I knew there would be hesitation from the public about the safety of paddling on the harbor, but I also know that in another 10 years, seeing paddlers on the harbor will be completely normal and we will look back and say- we did that!

a group of people standing next to a body of water

So- let’s answer some of YOUR questions…

Q: Where do you launch from?
A: We are located at the Inner Harbor Marina- it is in the same building as the Rusty Scupper Restaurant.

Q: Is there parking on site? 
A: Yes! There is a public parking garage on site at the Rusty Scupper, plus there is plenty of street parking on Key Highway.

Q: Are we allowed to bring our own paddle board?
A: We are only permitting BYOB at our sunrise SUP socials and events. Since we are located at a busy marina, trying to bring boards later in the day will interfere with pedestrian traffic as well as marina members.

Q: Do you have bathrooms and showers on site?
A: Yes! We have access to the marina bathrooms which has lockers, showers and toilets.

Q: Where will I store my things?
A: We have a dock box to store small items like car keys and small bags. We ask you leave any big backpacks and larger items in your car.

Inner Harbor Sunrise PaddleQ: Is the water safe to recreate on? 
A: Absolutely! We have been paddling on the Inner Harbor for 9 years and the Canton Kayak Club has been operating their kayak club on the harbor since 1999. I personally have been paddling on the Harbor since 2000 (with the St. Paul’s School for Girls Crew Team!). We work closely with Blue Water Baltimore and the Healthy Harbor Initiative to keep track of current water quality. According to the 2020 HARBOR HEARTBEAT RESTORATION REPORT CARD the Inner Harbor is safer now for recreation than it has been in any other point in history. Water quality scores have improved significantly since 2010 and Inner Harbor monitoring sites now test safe for recreation the majority of the time.

Q: Are there any times when it is unsafe to paddle on the Inner Harbor? 
A: We do not recommend paddling with us if you have open wounds or a compromised immune system. Additionally, if there has been a heavy rainfall within 48 hours we may cancel our SUP tours. After a heavy rainfall pollution still washes off our city streets and into storm drains which flow unfiltered into our streams and the harbor. So, for now, the Harbor is still unsafe for recreation on the days following a large rainstorm.

Q: Do you monitor the water quality?
A: We do not, but Blue Water Baltimore does. Blue Water Baltimore and the Baltimore Harbor Water Keeper regularly collects data at 49 stations in the Gwynns Falls, Jones Falls and tidal Patapsco River. Their Baltimore Water Watch is our go-to source to view the current water health. We recommend you take a look as well!

Q: Is the Inner Harbor a no-wake zone?
A: Yes, from Ft. McHenry down to the Inner Harbor is a no-wake zone!

Q: Where exactly will you paddle?
A: We launch right next to the Maryland Science Center and then paddle all around the harbor- over to the US Constellation, National Aquarium, up to the Sandlot/Harbor East area and Fells Point. Our exact route will depend on the weather, wind and level of paddlers in the group.

Q: Do you only offer guided paddles, or can I rent a board on the harbor?
A: At the moment we are only offering guided paddles and events. We hope to be able to rent boards at some point in the future!

Have additional questions? Feel free to email us!

We cannot wait to share one of our absolute favorite experiences in Baltimore with you!

Paddle More.
Be More.
-Jessie B. (founder, B’More SUP)

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