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Our New Home!

a sunset over a body of waterBig changes coming in 2021!

We are so excited to finally be able to announce our new home for the 2021 SUP Season! We are staying on our beloved Bear Creek, but moving down the creek a bit to a location that has less boat traffic and more parking!

DRUMROLL PLEASE…..a body of water surrounded by trees

Sparrows Point Country Club will be our new home base for all things paddling in 2021! If you have paddled with us over the past 5 years you have probably paddled over to the country club many times. It is our favorite place to paddle because it is surrounded by quiet out coves filled with wildlife (tons of Bald Eagles, Chesapeake Bay Otters, Rays, Turtles and more!) plus there is not as much boat traffic in that part of the creek, which means a more relaxing paddle experience.

a bench next to a body of water

Here is what we are most excited about…

  • Tons of grassy (and shaded) areas to spread out while waiting for your class or event to start
  • Calm, quiet waters…being a bit further in the creek means less boat wake and more quiet spots for FloYo classes and floating meditation.
  • New waterfront views for our land based yoga and fitness classes!
  • More parking, seriously…we cannot emphasize this enough! You will never have to stress about parking (or getting yelled at!) again!
  • More board storage, which means more boards so we can have rentals and classes happening at the same time without running short on boards!
  • Race boards! More board storage means we will also have some race boards on site for our race team to use.
  • With more space and a less hectic launch situation we can bring back our fan-favorite kids summer camp.
  • We are a 5 minute paddle from our favorite snowball stand (yes, we have a waterfront snowball stand that you can paddle to- it’s called Stouten’s!)
  • Convenient location- it takes almost the exact same amount of time to get to our new home as it did to get to Hard Yacht Cafe. We are right off of Wise Ave, with easy access to both 95 and 695.

Now you may be wondering what our timeline is. So, here is what you can expect…

  • April 1st: Summer Memberships and Class Packages go on sale (our goal is to have our summer fitness schedule set at this time as well)
  • April 18th: Spring Race Training Begins
  • May 16th: Official Opening Day
  • May 22nd: Full Summer Class Schedule Begins

We currently have a 40ft. shipping container on site and that will slowly be transformed into our incredible new HQ! We will be having a painting party in April…we’d love for you to be part of it! 🙂

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