Cyber Monday BOARD Blowout Sale!

We still have a few beautiful boards from our 2019 season that need good homes! There is no better time than now to purchase your board. We can even store it for you until the spring. The below new and used Yolo Boards are currently for sale. Some have only been used on the pool, others have been used for one season at B’More SUP but are still in great condition.

Take at look at the below boards and email us if you’d like to learn a bit more!

FloYo Board

FloYo Yolo Inflatable SUP

Original Price: $1,099
Cyber Monday SALE Price: $895

The 2019 FloYo YOLO Inflatable has been redesigned from the ground up to be more durable, more stable, and more detailed. We reinforced the seams with added layers of marine-grade PVC and increased the volume for added stability. Our new artwork printing process produces some of the most detailed designs ever seen on an Inflatable SUP. The YOLO Inflatable is still exceedingly portable – packing down into the included travel bag and fully inflating to 15 PSI with included hand pump – making it the best choice for life’s spontaneous adventures. Also included is a 3-piece YOLO adjustable paddle.


  • Ultimate SUP Convenience: YOLO Inflatable Paddleboards are easy to transport & store
  • All-Around Design: Super-stable on flatwater & small waves, a great choice for paddlers of any skill level
  • Ultra-Durable: Marine-grade PVC fabric construction
  • Integrated bungee cargo tie-down system
  • Includes Board, Fin, High-Pressure Pump, Patch Kit, Travel Bag


WIDTH: 32”
VOLUME: 245 liters
RIDER LIMIT: 220 lbs

2019 Yolo Yoga Hammerhead

2019 Yolo Yoga Hammerhead

Original Price: $995
Cyber Monday SALE Price: $750


  • YOLO thermo-mold construction: an ultra-durable SUP board that’s also lightweight!
  • Lightweight & LiftSUP handle for easy transport!
  • Integrated bumper guard for SUPerior protection against rail wear and tare: Protects your stand up paddleboard at it’s most vulnerable point.
  • Easy To Paddle: A great all-around board for beginners & intermediate paddlers!
  • Full deck pad- perfect for practicing yoga or paddle with kids and pups!

LENGTH: 10’7″
WIDTH: 32”
WEIGHT: 31 lbs
VOLUME: 227 liters
RIDER LIMIT: 210 lbs

The Hammerhead is a traditional fiberglass Stand Up Paddleboard with an EPS foam core wrapped in an ABS thermo-formed plastic. A tough band covers the rail seams and serves as extra protection to prevent damage from the paddle blade. These YOLO Board SUPs are built to last at a great price! This year, we’ve added slightly more volume and a LiftSUP handle. The YOLO Board Hammerhead is a game-changer in the industry, perfect for the rental market or anyone tough on their equipment.

Yolo Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board

Yolo 10’6 Yoga Stand Up Paddleboard

Original Price: $925
Cyber Monday SALE Price: $695


  • All Around SUP: Lightweight & perfect for smaller paddlers!.
  • Supports up to 195 lbs.
    Provides an easy, stable ride suited for beginner to intermediate skill levels.
  • Classic epoxy construction
  • The LiftSUP pop-out handle makes your YOLO Board easy to carry
  • Safely and easily secure gear with the bungee cargo system
  • Features a full-length deck pad perfect for SUP Yoga!

LENGTH: 10’6″
WIDTH: 29”
HEIGHT: 3.8″
WEIGHT: 21 lbs
VOLUME: 177 liters
RIDER LIMIT: 195 lbs

This super light weight YOLO Yoga SUP features a classic shape and a full-length deck pad making it the perfect choice for SUP Yoga, recreational paddling, or riding with pets. The YOLO Yoga Adara is based on our 10’6 Coastal Cruiser shape and constructed using our durable Bahne Epoxy System. Includes a built-in bungee system and a LiftSUP handle for easy transport.