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Kids SUP Camp- 2021!

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We are stoked to bring back our Kids SUP Camp this summer…

Kids paddle boarding

Since opening B’More SUP in 2015 we have always been passionate about introducing kids to the sport of stand up paddle boarding. Kids are our future, so we believe it is never too early to get them on the water and help them fall in love with SUP!

Personally, I have 3 nieces and nephews (aged 7-10) who LOVE to paddle with me. Every since they were toddlers they have loved going on paddle adventures with myself and their parents. Now they are each able to paddle their own boards and love to show off their FloYo SUP yoga moves. We even had them paddling on the ocean last summer!

The B’More SUP Kids Camp is a 4-day outdoor camp. We meet every day at 9am at our headquarters location in Dundalk, MD. Each day starts with a mindfulness activity on the land (yoga, nature walks, dancing, etc.).

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We will then hit the water for SUP lessons with our certified SUP instructors. Each child will learn how proper positioning on the board, how to take efficient forward and backwards strokes, they will learn c-strokes and even practice pivot turns (trust us, kids are WAY better at pivot turns than adults!). They will also learn water safety skills and how to perform water rescues. We will then take a “snacks and crafts” break around 11am. Each day will feature a different healthy snack and fun craft (think tie-dye, kindness rocks, design your own SUP fin, etc.). Then, we will get back on the water for games and paddle adventures. Some days will include FloYo classes other days scavenger hunts and the running of the boards. At the end of the week we will have a fun obstacle course race for the kids to complete to show off all their new SUP skills. Each day will conclude at 1pm.

We have two separate weeks of camp this summer- one is July 12-15th and the other is August 2-5th. Each week is open to only 12 kids, and we do anticipate that they will fill quickly. Register early to guarantee your child’s spot in this camp!

a girl riding a wave on a surfboard in the water


Below we have addressed some common questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any additional questions!

Q:Does my child need prior SUP experience to attend this camp?
A: No! We do not require previous SUP experience, however, your child must be comfortable in and on the water and be a proficient swimmer.

Q: My child does not know how to swim, can they still attend?
A: No, we require all camp attendees be competent swimmers.

a woman standing next to a body of water

Q: What ages is this camp geared towards?
A: This camp is designed for kids aged 7-13.

Q: We cannot attend the two camp weeks you have scheduled. Are there any other options?
A: Yes! This year we are offering private single day SUP sessions as well as private camp experiences for kids. So, if you have a group of kids that would like to attend either a one-day camp experience or a 4-day camp at a different time, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your group!

Q: Will face masks be required? How will you enforce social distancing?
A: We will follow all local mandates for Baltimore County. If masks are still required, then we will require them as well. Kids will be able to remove their masks when on the water and safely physically distanced. When we are doing our on land activities, we will keep kids as socially distanced as possible and require masks be worn by campers and staff. a group of people rowing a boat in the water

Q: What do the kids need to bring with them each day?
A: We require that all kids come to camp with sunscreen on their bodies, a hat on their head and a water bottle to bring on the boards. We also suggest packing them a bag with a beach towel, extra sunscreen, change of clothes and extra water. Some kids like to wear water-shoes, but they are not required. Long sleeve rash-guard type shirts are recommended for sun protection. The kids will be required to wear life-jackets while on the water. If they have their own coast guard approved PFD they can bring their own, otherwise we will supply it.

a little boy standing next to a body of waterQ: What will B’More SUP provide for the kids?
A: We will provide certified staff to lead the activities, a healthy snack each day, water to refill their bottles, all arts and craft supplies and of course the paddle board equipment.


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